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Mind the Margins: Make the Right Decisions in Growing your Home Infusion Business.
With downward pressure on drug reimbursement, home infusion providers need to consider their overall “cost of service” for each therapy in their service lines. Cost of service should be a consideration when evaluating new home infusion drugs and payer contracts.
Modernizing the Home Infusion Coding System
NHIA is seeking member review and comment on a proposal to request modifications to the home infusion Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes (S-codes).
From the Demo to the Dotted Line: How to Evaluate Technology for your Business
Infusion providers are continuing to search for new ways to do more with less as the effects of Covid-19 continue to strain resources. Leveraging technology is no brainer to drive efficiency and productivity within your organization, but all tech is not created equal. As the tech landscape expands rapidly, landing on the right solution and vendor that can deliver can feel like a roll of the dice.